Frequently asked questions about facial operations

On this page, you will find an overview of frequently asked questions and the answers from Dr Schiettecatte. Dr Schiettecatte is your treating plastic surgeon in Clinic Veldhoven.

For a correction of the shape or position of your facial ears, resolving sagging upper and/or lower eyelids or drooping eyebrows, consider a lift of your forehead, face, chin or neck.

Dr Schiettecatte discusses with you prior to a facial surgery how your wishes can be realized. Request a no-obligation consultation now. After the consultation, you will receive a tailor-made quotation.

What does a facial operation cost?

Prices of facial surgeries vary from clinic to clinic. Below you will find an indicative price for each type of treatment.

For a price quotation, please contact Dr Schiettecatte via Clinic Veldhoven. On their websites, you will find a current and complete overview of all prices.

For more information about the treatments, see the pages Eyelid correction, Ear correction, Chin correction, Neck lift, Facelift.

Eyelid correction costsAn eyelid correction is usually not reimbursed by the health insurer (unless medically necessary). An eyelid correction is possible from €695.00.
Neck lift costsThe costs for a neck lift are €4,150.00.
Facelift (MACS lift) costsThe costs for a MACS facelift are €4,150.00.
Mini-facelift (S-lift) costsThe costs for a mini facelift are €3,145.00.
Forehead lift (endoscopic) costsThe costs for an endoscopic forehead lift under general anaesthesia amount to €3,675.00
Forehead lift (temporal/eyebrow lift according to Fogli) costsThe costs for a temporal forehead lift or eyebrow lift according to Fogli with local anaesthetic amount to €1,500.00

Is a facial operation reimbursed by my insurance?

An upper eyelid correction is sometimes reimbursed by your insurer; the other treatments with which Dr Schiettecatte can help you are not.

Does a facial operation hurt?

No, the operation takes place under anaesthesia. After the operation, you will at most have some trouble eating, and you can experience some pressure.

How long does the result stay nice?

Eight to ten years.

Will I have scars from the operation?

Yes. Dr Schiettecatte will, however, place them wherever possible in a place that is not visible, or make them almost invisible. Small scars on the face can be carefully camouflaged with some make-up two weeks after surgery and with a completely closed wound. After about six months, the scars have faded so much that this will no longer be necessary.

Do you use staples or stitches? What do you base that choice on?

Staples are only used to seal wounds in the hairy scalp zone. They are easier to remove and do not leave visible scars.

What kind of material is a chin implant made of?

A chin implant is made of silicone and is available in three different sizes. Dr Schiettecatte determines together with you which size best suits your face and wishes.

Can an implant move under my skin?

No. You can sometimes feel the edges of the prosthesis.


Breast reduction

What does it cost?


Super happy!

“Years went by before I dared to take this step. I am rather anxious, and thanks to the good care of the assistant and Dr Schiettecatte, I was quickly (for me) at ease. The service before but also afterwards has given me a good feeling. Dr Schiettecatte is a kind and skilled plastic surgeon who was very nice, and my eyes were almost not swollen or blackened…! Super happy! Really recommend him and clinic Veldhoven!”


— Louisa

Super satisfied!

“Super satisfied and very friendly. They work with you, and I felt heard. Result: also satisfied and really beautiful! Would definitely recommend this to others.”


— Daisy

Very good experience!

“Last Tuesday, I had my breast augmentation done by Dr Schiettecatte with Diane Gabriels. I had a B85 cup, and now I have a nice D cup! I am so happy with it. Dr Schiettecatte is a very kind and relaxed man. Instead of drop-shaped implants, he advised me to take 500 MPP. At first, I thought it would be too big for me, but I trusted that he knows what he is doing. I have not regretted it for a moment since the operation was done! Also the co-assistant and anaesthetist (David in particular) are very nice people. In short, had a very good experience with this clinic!”


— Nicole

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