Ear correction: correcting your protruding ears

The shape of your ears does not affect your hearing. Even so, you may not be satisfied with it. Then a small procedure, or an ear correction, is often sufficient to improve the appearance of your entire face.

A protruding ear or prominent ear is congenital and the result of too much cartilage in the auricle or the absence of a fold in the ear cartilage. Often, this deviation is hereditary. With a protruding ear correction, or otoplasty, Dr Schiettecatte sets the ear correctly.

Are you interested in a correction of the position or shape of your ears? Then make an appointment with Dr Schiettecatte for a no-obligation consultation in Clinic Veldhoven or CosMed Clinic in Bos en Duin.

Ear correction for children

Does your child have prominent ears, and is he or she bothered by this? Children with protruding ears are all too often a target for bullying, and it can cause uncertainty. Correcting protruding ears is possible for children starting at 6 years of age. The ear skeleton is then fully grown.

The consultation and a quotation

Dr Schiettecatte is your treating plastic surgeon in Clinic Veldhoven and CosMed Clinic. Prior to the procedure, you discuss your wishes (or those of your child), the possibilities for the correction and the course of the operation with him. Of course, you also have the opportunity to ask questions. After the consultation, you will receive a tailor-made quotation. Request a no-obligation consultation now.

The operation for protruding ears

In the operation for protruding or prominent ears, Dr Schiettecatte corrects the fold between the inner and the outer part of the ear. If this is not already present, he creates one. If it is insufficient, it is strengthened, so that the ear cannot return to its protruding position. The result is that the ear is placed closer to the skull. A small incision is made behind the ear for the procedure. The scar is therefore hardly visible. For an ear correction, local anaesthetic is sufficient for larger children and adults. Smaller children feel more at ease with a complete general anaesthetic.

After the operation

After your ears have been corrected, you will receive a head bandage that you will have to wear for about a week. It is important that you take sufficient rest. The pain afterwards is usually minor. The outer ear can remain somewhat red, swollen and sensitive for a few weeks. A week after the procedure, you will come for a check, and the bandage and the sutures will be removed.

Risks and complications with a protruding ear correction

The correction of prominent ears is a frequently performed operation. Cartilage can sometimes return to its original form. In that case a follow-up correction is possible. Infections and bleeding afterwards are rare.

In short…

Duration of the operation: about an hour.
Anaesthesia:general anaesthetic for small children; local anaesthesia for older children and adults.
Admission to the clinic:no, treatment is outpatient.
Pain relief afterwards:paracetamol or a similar painkiller.
Sutures:will be removed about one week after the operation.
Bandage:head bandage, will be removed one week after surgery.
Practical:avoid wearing earrings and engaging in contact sports for six weeks after surgery.
Stability: lifelong, unless follow-up correction is necessary.
Stability:lifelong, unless follow-up correction is necessary.


Ear correction

What does it cost?


Super happy!

“Years went by before I dared to take this step. I am rather anxious, and thanks to the good care of the assistant and Dr Schiettecatte, I was quickly (for me) at ease. The service before but also afterwards has given me a good feeling. Dr Schiettecatte is a kind and skilled plastic surgeon who was very nice, and my eyes were almost not swollen or blackened…! Super happy! Really recommend him and clinic Veldhoven!”


— Louisa
through www.kliniekervaringen.nl

Super satisfied!

“Super satisfied and very friendly. They work with you, and I felt heard. Result: also satisfied and really beautiful! Would definitely recommend this to others.”


— Daisy
through www.kliniekervaringen.nl

Very good experience!

“Last Tuesday, I had my breast augmentation done by Dr Schiettecatte with Diane Gabriels. I had a B85 cup, and now I have a nice D cup! I am so happy with it. Dr Schiettecatte is a very kind and relaxed man. Instead of drop-shaped implants, he advised me to take 500 MPP. At first, I thought it would be too big for me, but I trusted that he knows what he is doing. I have not regretted it for a moment since the operation was done! Also the co-assistant and anaesthetist (David in particular) are very nice people. In short, had a very good experience with this clinic!”


— Nicole
through www.kliniekervaringen.nl

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