Costs of breast surgery

What is the price of a breast operation?

Below you will find an indicative price for each type of treatment. For a price quotation, please contact Dr Schiettecatte via Clinic Veldhoven. On their websites, you will find a current and complete overview of all prices.


Costs of breast augmentation
with prostheses and/or own fat
Below you will find an indication of the price for a breast augmentation. The actual costs of a breast augmentation depend on your wishes, such as the type of implant and whether or not you want to use your own fat. Discuss your wishes with Dr Schiettecatte and receive a tailor-made quotation.

Cost indication for regular breast augmentation: €2,595.00 to €3,460.00

Cost indication for hybrid breast augmentation with own fat (lipofilling) and implant: €5,500.00

Cost indication for breast augmentation by the Eric Auclair method: without own fat €3,200.00, with own fat (lipofilling) €6,000.00
Costs or reimbursement of breast reductionThe costs of breast reduction are usually reimbursed by your health insurer. Consult your health care insurer to determine your reimbursement for your breast reduction.

Cost indication: €4,150.00
Costs of breast liftThe costs of a breast lift depend on your wishes. A breast lift can also be combined with a breast augmentation (with prosthesis) or a breast reduction.

Cost indication: €3,850.00 to €5,300.00
Breast augmentation


Super happy!

“Years went by before I dared to take this step. I am rather anxious, and thanks to the good care of the assistant and Dr Schiettecatte, I was quickly (for me) at ease. The service before but also afterwards has given me a good feeling. Dr Schiettecatte is a kind and skilled plastic surgeon who was very nice, and my eyes were almost not swollen or blackened…! Super happy! Really recommend him and clinic Veldhoven!”

— Louisa

Super satisfied!

“Super satisfied and very friendly. They work with you, and I felt heard. Result: also satisfied and really beautiful! Would definitely recommend this to others.”

— Daisy

Very good experience!

“Last Tuesday, I had my breast augmentation done by Dr Schiettecatte with Diane Gabriels. I had a B85 cup, and now I have a nice D cup! I am so happy with it. Dr Schiettecatte is a very kind and relaxed man. Instead of drop-shaped implants, he advised me to take 500 MPP. At first, I thought it would be too big for me, but I trusted that he knows what he is doing. I have not regretted it for a moment since the operation was done! Also the co-assistant and anaesthetist (David in particular) are very nice people. In short, had a very good experience with this clinic! Nicole “

— Nicole

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