Breast augmentation

Small breasts, uneven breasts, breasts that have begun to sag due to significant weight loss or pregnancy … If your breasts are too small for your liking, it can affect your life considerably. Dr Schiettecatte understands this very well and will gladly consult with you about your wishes and the possibilities for breast augmentation with a prosthesis or breast implant..

If necessary, your breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift, so that the nipple gets a nice position on your breast. With plastic surgery, your breasts can get a nicer shape and be better proportioned to your physique. With your breast augmentation, in addition to a natural-looking result, your health and safety are paramount. Dr Schiettecatte therefore uses exclusively FDA-approved silicone implants of high quality, so that your enlarged breasts look, feel and move naturally.

Are you interested in a breast augmentation? Then make an appointment with Dr Schiettecatte for a no-obligation consultation in Clinic Veldhoven.

The consultation and a quotation

Dr Schiettecatte is your treating plastic surgeon in Clinic Veldhoven. Prior to the breast augmentation, you have a personal intake interview with Dr Schiettecatte to discuss your wishes and the options. You discuss the types of prostheses (implants), the desired cup size and the placement of the implant. On the day of the consultation, would you also bring along photos of what you like? Dr Schiettecatte will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

Contact us to schedule your no-obligation consultation. After the consultation, you will receive a tailor-made quotation.

Placement of the breast implant

The breast implant can be placed above (subfascial) or below (dual plane) the pectoral muscle. Placement above the muscle gives the most natural result. The breast prosthesis is then placed directly underneath the mammary gland tissue and moves with your body in a natural way. If you have thin skin or little mammary gland tissue, there is a chance that the edge of the prosthesis can be felt and is visible at the top.

With a dual plane breast augmentation, you avoid the drawback above. With the dual plane technique, the prosthesis is covered at the top by the large pectoral muscle and at the bottom by your breast tissue. As a result, the edges cannot be felt and are not visible.

During the consultation, Dr Schiettecatte will discuss the possibilities with you.

The operation

Before the surgery, Dr Schiettecatte uses a marker to mark on your breasts how the operation will take place. As soon as you are under anaesthesia, he makes an incision in the skin fold under your breast or next to the nipple. He discusses the choice he makes for this with you in advance. Depending on your personal situation, the breast prosthesis will be placed under or above the pectoral muscle. If you are also getting a breast lift, the nipples will then be positioned. The wound is sutured with very fine thread to minimize scarring. The breast augmentation is performed at Aesthetic Beauty Clinics in Veldhoven. The operation takes about one hour.

Dr Schiettecatte has recently started using a new operation technique (French Touch), with which you do not get a scar under your breasts. The breast prostheses are then placed through your armpit. Read more about this here.

After the breast augmentation

Immediately after the operation, your breast is dressed with a bandage. Sometimes, small tubes (drains) are placed during surgery to drain the wound fluid from the wound. These drains are removed around three days after the operation. The sutures will be removed after approximately two weeks by Dr Schiettecatte now.

For rapid healing, you wear a special bra day and night for six weeks after surgery. Then you wear a sturdy sports bra for some time. After this recovery period, you can wear regular lingerie.

With an augmentation of your breasts, your glands are not affected. Breast-feeding is still possible after your surgery.

Risks and complications with breast augmentations

Breast augmentation also involves risks, although complications are rare. Bleeding afterwards and infection are possible. The risk of infection is significantly lower in non-smokers (less than 1%). Very rarely, a thickened (hypertrophic) scar can develop, or the sensitivity of the breast can permanently decrease. Very rarely, it happens that a prosthesis is rejected by the body. The prosthesis must then be removed. Over time, a connective tissue layer (capsule) forms around the prosthesis. This capsule can contract, making the breasts hard and unnaturally round and sometimes also painful. Sometimes, an operation may prove necessary. Finally, wear of the breast prosthesis is possible in the long term, so your prostheses may need to be replaced. This is only necessary if you develop complaints. Dr Schiettecatte discusses all possible risks with you before the procedure. He also discusses with you what you can do yourself to limit the risks.

Before and after photos of breast augmentation

Look here for before and after photos of breast augmentations. The results of your breast augmentation depend on your anatomy, age and personal wishes. Each breast operation requires an individual approach and therefore also gives a unique result.

In short

Duration of the operation:about an hour.
Anaesthesia:general anaesthesia.
Admission to the clinic:day admission for a breast augmentation. During one night if you have a breast augmentation combined with a breast lift.
Pain relief afterwards:paracetamol or a similar painkiller.
Drains:sometimes, will be removed two days after the operation.
Sutures:will be removed about two weeks after surgery.
Bandage:around the breast, for two weeks after surgery. Then you wear a sturdy sports bra day and night for six weeks, so that the implants do not move and can stabilize in your body.
Practical:for two weeks after the operation, you should avoid lifting, strenuous physical activity, exercise and lifting your arms above your head. Also avoid direct sunlight in the first year after your surgery, due to the risk of hyperpigmentation of the scars. With a breast augmentation according to the Eric Auclair method, only small round implants are used, possibly supplemented with lipofilling.
Stability:varies from person to person.
Breast augmentation

What does it cost?


Super happy!

“Years went by before I dared to take this step. I am rather anxious, and thanks to the good care of the assistant and Dr Schiettecatte, I was quickly (for me) at ease. The service before but also afterwards has given me a good feeling. Dr Schiettecatte is a kind and skilled plastic surgeon who was very nice, and my eyes were almost not swollen or blackened…! Super happy! Really recommend him and clinic Veldhoven!”


— Louisa

Super satisfied!

“Super satisfied and very friendly. They work with you, and I felt heard. Result: also satisfied and really beautiful! Would definitely recommend this to others.”


— Daisy

Very good experience!

“Last Tuesday, I had my breast augmentation done by Dr Schiettecatte with Diane Gabriels. I had a B85 cup, and now I have a nice D cup! I am so happy with it. Dr Schiettecatte is a very kind and relaxed man. Instead of drop-shaped implants, he advised me to take 500 MPP. At first, I thought it would be too big for me, but I trusted that he knows what he is doing. I have not regretted it for a moment since the operation was done! Also the co-assistant and anaesthetist (David in particular) are very nice people. In short, had a very good experience with this clinic!”


— Nicole

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